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Happy New Year!✨

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This is Dr. Marwa here and I want to help you make 2021 your best year ever,  the year you get to experience the joy of seeing your goals become a reality, and most importantly the year you get to witness TRUE Spiritual, Mental, & Emotional Transformation! 


To help you do that, I share with you below 3 key steps you can implement TODAY to direct your mindset and heartset towards your goals and your spiritual, mental, and emotional transformation!



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But first, here are 3 key steps I believe will help you shift your mind and heart in a transformative direction today! 👇

STEP 1:  Start The Year With A Grateful Heart! 


Spend some time showing gratitude for what you already have. Gratitude awakens you to the beauty that is right infront of  you! It allows you to be sufficed by what God already put in your life. It creates a process where it brings you back to the reality that exists, and disconnects you from the illusions of tomorrow that you may be attached to (all the what ifs that could happen). Start with the smallest to biggest things in your life, and show gratitude for them all! You will see how it will shift your heart to see more beauty in your life, but also to receive more abundance! As God tells us in the Qur'an: "Be grateful to me, I shall increase you."

✅STEP 2: Be Real With God!

Spend some time alone with God today (outside of your prayers), even if it is just a few minutes, and talk to Him as you would talk to a friend, someone you love!  Have an authentic and honest conversation with Him about your struggles and shortcomings this past year, your hopes for this new year, what you need His help with this year, and then make a dua (supplication/prayer) from your heart that asks Him for everything you need from Him, externally, but also internally! Ask Him to help you align your mind, heart, emotions, wants, with what is pleasing to Him and with what will propel you towards growth and success in this world and the next! 

STEP 3: Forget Resolutions & Focus on Daily Habits! 

Finally, Sit with yourself and identify your BIG goals for this year, but don't stop there! It is not enough to make big goals without an action plan that translates into daily impact! After you have identified your goals, ask yourself this question for each goal: "To accomplish this goal, what do I need to do on a daily basis?" "What is one habit I can do each day to reach this goal?" You see, if our goals are not grounded in a daily action, it is easy to go days, weeks, months, and even a WHOLE year without moving forward towards our goals!  The most powerful thing we can do is do small actions each day but consistently! As Prophet Muhammad (pbuh ) taught us:  “Take up good deeds only as much as you are able, for the best deeds are those done regularly (or consistently) even if they are few.”


So, will you do this today?


Will you commit to implementing these simple 3 steps to help you kickstart 2021 in a direction that pushes you forward not only spiritually, but mentally , emotionally, and closer towards your goals? 


If the answer is "YES I AM READY TO IMPLEMENT THESE 3 STEPS!," then I have a  FREE gift for YOU, to help you get started!

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Why weekly?


Because it is more effective to take our goals one week at a time, rather than be overwhelmed by the entire month or year ahead! 

Take your progress one day and week at a time, and before you know it, those habits will lead to long term changes! 

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