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When was the last time you invested in the nourishment of your heart & the inner work that shapes your health, your happiness, your quality of life, and the way you walk towards God? 
Your Relationship with Yourself and with God IMPACT Every Other Area in Your Life!
Watch the FREE Webinar Below to Learn Key Steps you can take to Feeling More ENOUGH, WHOLE, & EMPOWERED Through Your Relationship with God & with Yourself! 

Ready to get unstuck spiritually, mentally, and emotionally?
Apply for  the  "God & Me" 7-Week Psycho-Spiriutal Transformation Program, and get the education, resources, individualized support, and empowerment you need to take your spiritual, mental, and emotional wellness to the next level!

A Long Term, Heart-Centered, & Holistic  Learning Experience

Transform the way you learn as you deeply engage with knowledge in a way that prioritizes your heart and empowers you to make REAL changes in your life that improve your spiritual, mental, and emotional wellness! 

And with LIFE TIME access to all educational material, you can complete the program at your own pace and convenience! 

Customized & Individual Support

Individual Consultation are Provided to Help Support You as You Learn to Help You Connect More Deeply to What You Are Learning and See the Fruits of the Knowledge You Are Gaining in Your Life!


And with a Custom Tailored Program, You can identify the needs and areas of growth that are unique to you! 

Group Support 

With Access to a FB Support Group, Monthly LIVE Q & A sessions, and  SMALL Group Consultations, you have spaces for your heart to receive the support you need to make true changes, and process and connect to what you are learning every step of the way! 

Life-Time Learning Support

With qualifying membership to The God & Me Program, you have the opportunity to receive a life-time learning discount at The H.O.M.E Institute on all ONLINE courses offered! 

In addition, you have the  opportunity to Get a 1 YEAR FREE Membership to our Holistic Wellness Classroom plus FREE Life-Time Access to the Online Sacred Self-Love Course! 

Students in the God & Me Program Receive:
  • The H.O.M.E Booklet (Learn about Dr. Marwa's Heart Over Mind & Ego (H.O.M.E) Approach to Psycho-Spiritual Wellness!)
  • The 21 Step God & Me Guide
  • 7 Modules of Video Lessons, Exercises, Readings (A Comprehensive Learning Experience)
  • Group & Individual Support (Individual & Small Group Consultations)
  • A Customized Program (Take a Pre & Post Analysis + Get a Customized Plan that Addresses Your Needs & Areas of Required Growth!)
  • A Life-Time Learner Discount on All ONLINE Courses Offered at The H.O.M.E Institute (with Gold, Platinum, & Diamond Membership)
  • FREE Life Time Access to the Online Sacred Self-Love Course (with Diamond Membership) 
  • 1 YEAR FREE Membership to The Holistic Wellness Classroom
Go to link below to apply and schedule a FREE Skype Call to learn more about the program! 
But HURRY, because I am only accepting 21 students (at a given time) for this program, so seats are limited! That means, I cannot approve all applications! 
I am really looking for serious individuals who are ready to commit to working on their hearts and their spiritual, mental, & emotional  growth! 

If you feel that is YOU, click below now! 
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