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What You Get with The God & Me Program!

This Educational Program Includes the Following:


(1 module per 3 weeks):

Throughout the 21 weeks of the program, you will have access to a new module every 3 weeks, which provides you with video lessons, readings, exercises, all to provide you a comprehensive learning experience covering various topics within each module!


Throughout the program, you will receive sections of the H.O.M.E booklet that are relevant to specific modules. The booklet is designed to teach you about Dr. Marwa's Heart Over Mind & Ego Approach to Psycho-Spiritual Wellness, so that you can learn how to receive the spiritual, mental, and emotional benefits of leading from the Heart!


This is a unique booklet with 21 steps on how to transform your relationship with God and with yourself, with practical techniques you can implement in your life to see real changes! Each module will include 3 steps (chapters) from the 21 step "God & Me" Guide!


With a qualifying membership, you can receive a pre & post analysis which assesses the 3 core areas of the program: 1. Your relationship with God, 2. Your Relationship with Yourself, & 3. Your Psycho-Spiritual Wellness Habits! This analysis is reviewed and informs your customized program plan & outline!


With a qualifying membership, you have the opportunity to receive individual consultations and participate in small group consultations to help maximize your benefit and your ability to apply to see the fruits of what you are learning in your life!

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"I decided to go for the 'God & Me Program' as I have the feeling that this program is what I needed to feel more enough, whole, and empowered. I have just completed the first week today alhamdulillah. Having worked with self-help gurus like Anthony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy, Bob Proctor, and many others, I have always felt that the missing Islamic equivalence was what was preventing me from implementing the ideas. But with the 'God & Me Program', I feel so content in my heart and I have more than motivation to follow through and implement everything that I am learning so far. I look forward to having a psycho-spiritual transformation and I pray that Allah (SWT) guides us all in this noble path insha'Allah." 

~ Washeelah

"I have been to many Islamic classes and programs and nothing is like the "God & Me" program. It is revolutionary!" 

~ Rabeia 

"I want to say that the God & Me program has given me a purpose to wake up in the morning..since the very first day it has been taking care of my heart...I feel like I am exploring parts of myself that I never knew existed and I will be forever grateful for that. The program truly stands for this institute's name, H.O.M.E because I feel like I am coming back home to God where I always belonged and where I have not felt in a long time. The exercises are truly engaging and heart moving. I can't go a day without doing the program.."

~ Sally

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