The God & Me Psycho-Spiritual Transformation Program is a 21-Week Heart-Centered, Psychological & Spiritual Journey Towards Wholeness, Excellence, & Authenticity! 


Through Transforming the 2 Most Important Relationships in Your Life: With God & With Yourself! 

Experience the Inner Transformation, Peace, Liberation, and Spiritual, Mental, & Emotional Empowerment that Comes When You Prioritize the Nourishment of Your Heart &  Learn to Seek Feeling Enough, Whole, and Nourished Through your Relationship with God and with Yourself! 

A Unique Online Educational Program Designed and Taught through an Islamic Psychological Lens,  to Empower BOTH Your Psychological & Spiritual Wellness! 

Because our faith matters, our spirituality matters, but our psychology and the role it plays in our spiritual, mental, and emotional health, ALSO matters! 


Program Developed & Taught By:

Dr. Marwa Assar, PsyD

Psychologist, Educator, & Founder of The H.O.M.E Institute & The Heart Over Mind & Ego (H.O.M.E) Approach to Psycho-Spiritual Wellness!   


Your Teacher!  


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A Journey of Cultivating a WHOLE HEART (Qalbin Saleem) that Seeks to Feel Complete, Enough, and Sufficed Through Its Creator! 


A Journey of Striving for Excellence (Ihsan) in Your Relationship with God, Your Acts of Worship, & How You Choose to Live Each Day of Your Life! 


A Journey of Embodying & Expressing Truthfulness (sidq) in Your Relationship with Yourself, God, and Others! 

The God & Me Psycho-Spiritual Transformation Program is NOT a Journey of Perfection, But Rather a Journey of...........


Through The Inner Work of Striving for Wholeness, Excellence, & Authenticity, The God & Me Program Takes You On a Psychological & Spiritual Journey Full of the Knowledge, Tools, & Practical Exercises That Will Help You: 
  • Live a More Heart-Centered Life Where Your Heart Becomes Fuller, NOT Just Your Mind!

  • Prioritize Living More Truthfully & Authentically!

  • Increase Your Love For God & Have a Greater Trust in Him & His Plan for You!

  • Feel More WHOLE & ENOUGH Through Your Relationship with God & With Yourself!

  • Experience More Inner Peace & Less Inner Conflict!

  • Detach from the Opinions and Expectations of Others!

  • Free Your Heart From The Shackles of Your Nafs (or Ego)!

  • Unlearn What Does Not Serve Your Soul's Path to Its Creator!

  • Prioritize APPLYING The Knowledge You Gain & Seeing Its Fruits in Your Life!

  • Take Back The Power You Gave to Everything Else to Make You Happy and Realize How God Gave You All the Tools You Need Within You to Feel ENOUGH & WHOLE and to Navigate Your Path to Him with Peace, Stability, and Internal Joy!

With God's help and your sincere effort, here is what will you will notice start to change in your life as you fully invest in this journey!👇👇

✅You will notice the quality of your acts of worship improving!

✅You will feel your mind positively shifting and directing its focus to what truly matters!

✅You will feel better internally as you gain more presence in your day!

✅You will find yourself more intentional and purposeful about what you do!

✅You will wake up more connected to what you have and more energized to utilize and benefit from what God already gave you!

✅You will feel more inner fulfillment and nourishment!

✅You will me more present with God, yourself, and those you love!

✅You will find yourself more connected to your potential and more motivated and focused to strive towards your goals! 

✅You will find yourself less affected by others and their opinions, judgments, and expectations of you!

✅You will see the connection between ALL the areas of your life in relation to God ( tawhid) and stop living in compartments!

 At the end of the day, no matter what you go through, it always goes back to you and your relationship with God!

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