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7 Signs You Are Disconnected From Yourself!

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Do you ever feel like you are disconnected from yourself?

A sense of disconnect from yourself is a key sign you may be stuck and malnourished on a spiritual, mental, and emotional level!  And a strong sense of connection to ourselves is necessary for our growth on all levels! 

In order to get to any point, you have to first know your starting point! For example, if you asked me for directions to point Z, I will first have to know where you are, where point A is.  That is because in order for us to be clearly directed to where we want to go, we have to be familiar with our starting point!  But many of us expect to change, grow, and walk towards God, without a connection to ourselves and where we are in the here and now!  

Here are 7 signs you may be disconnected from yourself:

  1. You have a hard time identifying your needs, values, truths, or emotions, and communicating them. 

  2. You have a hard time being vulnerable and authentic in your relationship with God, yourself, and others.

  3. You struggle to commit to the intentions, goals, and plans you set out for yourself. 

  4. You find yourself constantly seeking that which is outside of you to avoid discomfort and to feel good! (i.e, Over eating, over spending, constantly needing entertainment, difficulty being alone, etc. ) 

  5. You excessively depend on people for validation and approval of you and your choices.

  6. You are often indecisive and engaging in self-doubt!

  7. You find yourself checking out and just going through the motions day to day without true fulfillment or nourishment.

Do any of these 7 signs apply to you? 

If they do, then I encourage you to make this the year you build a stronger connection with yourself! 

To walk towards God and the spiritual, mental, and emotional empowerment He holds for you, you have to get to know who you are, your design, and all the tools within you that God has equipped with you with! You have to build the muscle of turning inward and connecting with yourself and your internal experience. This is the beginning of the clarity, strength, healing, and growth you deeply long for!

Ready to start the work of connecting to yourself? 

Click below to learn more about my God & Me Psycho-Spiritual Transformation Program, where I share with you the knowledge, tools, and exercises that will help you:

  1. Assess the disconnect between you and yourself!

  2. Know your design and the tools that God gave you to navigate your path to Him!

  3. Feel more validated, nourished, and whole through your relationship with God and with Yourself!

  4. Take your power back from all the external factors you depend on to make you feel nourished and complete! 

  5. Begin feeling more whole, enough, grounded through knowing yourself, God, and through living your life in a way that honors your design and God's plan for you! 

"Whoever Knows Himself, Knows His Lord"


Click Below to Learn More About The God & Me Program & Watch My FREE Webinar to Begin Learning Key Steps to Transforming the 2 most Important Relationships in Your Life that Impact Everything Else:

Your Relationship with God & With Yourself!

This inner work matters. Start your heart-work today!  

Click here to learn about the God & Me Psycho-Spiritual Transformation Program, a program designed to help you feel more ENOUGH, WHOLE, & NOURISHED, through your relationship with God and with yourself. In this program, you will learn about Dr. Marwa's Heart Over Mind & Ego (H.O.M.E) Approach to Psycho-Spiritual Wellness and the tools you need to transform your your relationship with God and with yourself! This is a program that takes you on a psychological and spiritual journey in which you gain the knowledge and tools you need to lead with your heart, practice sacred authenticity, and empower your spiritual, mental, and emotional wellness!

"Educating the Mind Without Educating the Heart, is No Education at All."



About the Author:

Dr. Marwa Assar is a psychologist, educator, and founder of The H.O.M.E

Institute.  She is dedicated to providing psycho-spiritual education and empowerment through an Islamic psychological lens. Click here to learn more about Dr. Marwa and her work. 

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