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by Dr. Marwa Assar 

  • Dr. Marwa Assar

God Reveals the Path When You Reveal Your Sincerity About Walking the Path!

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Written by Dr. Marwa Assar, PsyD

Do you ever have those moments when you envision all the changes you want to make and how beautiful it would be to transform yourself spiritually, mentally, and emotionally, but then can't help but start wondering as to how you are going to get there?

You know, those moments when you start thinking about all the difficulties that can exist on your path once you finally decide that you are ready to make a positive change in your life, and walk towards God in a way you never have before!

If this happens to you, you are not alone!

Very often, The first thing many of us do when we recognize we need to make a change in our life is we ask "How?"

How will I achieve that goal?

How will I become who God wants me to be?

How will I improve in this and that?

How will I learn what I need to learn?

How will I find the right resources?

How will I be able to detach from that thing or person?

How will I let go of what I want and prioritize what God wants?

How will I heal?

How will I change?

How will I cope with this difficulty?

How will I get from point A to Z?

And how will my life turn out and look like if I do actually make that change?

We begin to ask "how?" because all we see is the place we are standing. We can't begin to understand how what we hope to achieve will happen. We can't begin to fathom or imagine what our life or path will look like if we take a certain step towards God, if we gave up that habit, if we left certain people or relationships, if we began practicing our faith a little bit better, or if we sacrificed things we want for the sake of pleasing God.

We can't wrap our mind around what our healing, our resilience, our coping, our growth, our tazkiyah (purification of the heart), and our spiritual empowerment will look like.

But it is important to know how to positively react to these moments of confusion so that we don't stop walking and so that we can commit to the changes we claimed we wanted to achieve! In these moments, we have to remember that we can't stay in the same spot and expect God to show us the entire path!

We won't figure out the "how's" by standing still. God only shows the path to those who keep walking.

This is the way it is supposed to be. If we saw the whole path at the very beginning, our sincerity would never be tested and there would be nothing to gain or achieve. It is through not seeing the entire path that we realize our true intentions about the changes we want to make. It is also how we learn to understand our dependence on God, our need for Him, and the importance of trusting His promises and what He holds for us.

It is in these moments that we recognize that what our mind and heart seeks to know, depends on not only what He decides to unveil and to reveal to us, but also on when He decides to unveil it. It is HE who chooses the timing of when to show us new parts of our path!

And so through our inability to answer our own question of "How?" do we learn to accept that all we know is what He has revealed to us in the here and now. We accept that all we see is where He allowed us to stand.

And it is through this acceptance, this recognition of WHO is in control, and the trust and tawaqul that follows, that we begin to walk using the knowledge He gave us but seeking and depending on His knowledge every step of the way.

We walk making Him the Destination and not our own selves and not our own limited knowledge.

And as we walk towards Him, He will reveal to our hearts a far greater truth and that is this: We do not need to figure everything out. We do not need to know the "hows" before we even move our feet. We do not need to know how exactly our change will look like or come about. All we need to do is direct our mind and heart to God and begin walking, proving our hearts are truly sincere about making the change our tongues have spoken.

Only then, when we actually show up, does God allow the path to show up as well. He reveals the path to those who reveal their sincerity and that they are genuine about making a change.

This is a reminder to myself and you, to assess our intentions and our sincerity about the changes we want to make in our lives! It is time to stop waiting for God to reveal the path before we even take a step or put in the effort. It is time to begin walking towards God and begin showing up for the transformation we claimed we wanted to achieve. For there is no better time than the present, than this day He has given each of us, to begin committing to the changes we hope to make and the success we want to attain in this world and the next!

"Has the time not come for those who have believed that their hearts should become humbly submissive at the remembrance of Allah and what has come down of the truth?" (Qur'an, 57:16)


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About the Author:

Dr. Marwa Assar is a psychologist, educator, writer, and founder of The H.O.M.E Institute. She is dedicated to providing psycho-spiritual education and empowerment through an Islamic psychological lens. Click here to learn more about Dr. Marwa and her work!

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