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by Dr. Marwa Assar 

  • Dr. Marwa Assar

What if You Choose to Be Happy Today?

How do you approach happiness?

Do you view it as something that happens to you, or something you can make happen?

Do you treat it as a destination, or an experience? Do you view it as something that you have no power over, or do you view it as something you can choose by doing that which promotes it in your life?

Throughout my work over the years and through exploring happiness and how we interact with it, I have come to learn that happiness is often something that people make as a destination and something they are waiting to arrive at.

But happiness is an internal experience, something you go through, NOT something you arrive at. And if we continue to treat happiness as something we we are waiting to reach, then it will always be in the future. It will never be apart of the path itself. It will not be apart of our present, the reality that is existing right in front of us.

When we associate our happiness with an event, achievement, a material gain, or something we hope to attain in the future, we have programmed our minds and hearts to view happiness as something we can't have in the here and now. We have set ourselves up for disappointment and deprived ourselves from the happiness we can feel if our minds and hearts were directed to what already exists in our life.

But what if I told you that happiness is something you can feel and experience in your present day, week, month, without waiting for whatever you have associated with it to happen in in the future? What if happiness is something that you can choose to experience by directing your attention to your life as it is?

What if we start becoming proactive about our happiness instead of passively waiting for it to happen to us?

How do we do that?

It starts when we make a conscious intention and decision to pay attention to what exists in front of us!

It starts when we begin doing the work that will help us tackle the psychological barriers keeping us from experiencing happiness and joy in our life!

It starts when we choose to direct our mind and heart to all the beauty that God already gave us!

It starts when we do a gratitude check for the tiniest to the greatest blessings we have in our life (daily, weekly, monthly, and whenever we can)!

It starts when we let ourselves smile (sometimes even when we don't feel like it) at the simple things we go through and have been given every day: waking up in the morning, having a nice cup of coffee, having our health, reading a good book, being able to see, having the ability to pray and make sujood (prostration to God), feeling the warmth of the sun, watching rain fall from the sky, being surrounded by nature, hearing the voice of a loved one, or even sitting down to a meal we enjoy.

And did you know that smiling actually sends messages to your brain that promote happiness? Each time you smile, feel-good neurotransmitters are released in your brain! What does this tell us? Psychology teaches us that there is a two way interaction between our mind and our emotions and actions. The state of our mind can impact what we we feel and do, but what we choose to do (i.e, smiling) can also impact the state of our mind and how we feel! Happiness is not a one way experience. It doesn't always have to start from the inside out. Sometimes, we have to do the things that will promote our happiness even when we do not feel like it internally.

Happiness is an internal experience we go through when we begin directing our thoughts and actions in service of our heart and its health. It is something we will experience more in our life when our heart is directed to see beauty in what exists in the here and now! It is what we feel when we begin accepting our life and seeing goodness in it as it is. It is when we allow ourselves to be happy even though we do not have that thing we long for, that achievement or gain we associated with our happiness.

Happiness is something we have to give ourselves permission to experience each day even though our lives are not what we think it should be. Happiness is what we will experience when we internalize that God has planned our lives perfectly and has given us what we need to thrive right in front of us. Happiness is when we begin living our life with that belief and conviction that everything is as God wants it and no one will want what is best for us more than the One who created us!

Last but not least, happiness is something we will experience when we stop treating it as a destination, when we stop making it conditional upon what we want God to give us. When we realize that just like any emotion, happiness is an internal experience that not only is temporary and fleeting, but it is an experience that depends on how we think and direct our thoughts, attention, and energy throughout our experiences. Just like some thoughts provoke sadness, certain thoughts can lead to happy emotions. Just like some actions and deeds can negatively impact the mind and constrict the heart, positive actions and deeds can promote the health of our minds and open our hearts.

And each day, week, month, and year we are given, we have many opportunities to direct our mind, heart, and actions to what will promote the health and happiness of our internal world. God gives us many opportunities to choose to be happy. The question is though: will you accept those opportunities?

If so, begin today. Start reflecting on how you can choose to be happy today and I pray that

God increases us all and blesses us with happiness in this world and the next!

Stop being Passive About Your Happiness, & Start Doing the Inner Work that Will Promote It In Your Life!

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This inner work matters. Start your heart-work today!  


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About the Author:

Dr. Marwa Assar is a psychologist, educator, and founder of The H.O.M.E

Institute.  She is dedicated to providing psycho-spiritual education and empowerment through an Islamic psychological lens. Click here to learn more about Dr. Marwa and her work. 

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