Psycho-Spiritual Retreats

Psycho-Spiritual Retreats 


Holistic Retreats that not only focus on your spiritual growth, but on your mental and emotional growth as well!  

Where You Can Come Together in a Beautiful Setting with both Islamic Scholars and Mental Health & Wellness Professionals and Gain the Knowledge, Empowerment, & Support you need to Rejuvenate your Mind, Heart, & Soul! 


H.O.M.E Retreats

Where Your Spiritual Growth Matters.

Where Seeking Knowledge Matters. 

Where Your Mental & Emotional Wellness Matter! 

  • Get away to a beautiful setting where you can recharge & renew your mind, heart, body, & soul!

  • Gain Sacred Islamic Knowledge along with Knowledge that Will Empower Your Mental & Emotional Wellness! 

  •  Have Access to both  Islamic Scholars & Wellness Professionals who will be there to Provide You with Knowledge & Support that will speak to your spiritual mental, & emotional well-being! 

  • Engage in Exercises that Will Allow You To Interact Deeply With the Knowledge You Are Gaining!  

  • And Of course, Have Time to Relax, Rejuvenate and Enjoy the Beautiful Setting!  



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