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Description & Summary: Dr. Marwa's onsite 2-day psycho-spiritual course & workshop  aims to help us navigate our relationship with ourselves in a way that is rooted in our relationship with our Creator. Because of scarce resources available about Self-love within an Islamic context, many of us Muslims struggle with understanding how to have a relationship with ourselves that is in line with Islamic teachings and a relationship that does not adopt the ego-promoting concepts that are often taught about the subject of self-love in western societies. And because our relationship with ourselves impacts our relationship with God, others, and the habits we engage in, it becomes imperative that we learn how to improve this very core relationship!  

Self-love is a term many of us have not truly understood and our fears surrounding the subject has led us to avoid addressing it or understanding its importance in our life, relationships, and our path to God.  Therefore, this course will  address the common misconceptions & questions that might come to your mind when you think of "self-love," such as:

"Is Self-Love Islamic?" "Can Self-Love help me grow closer to my Creator?" "Will Self-love make me arrogant?" "Why is Self-Love Important for my spiritual, mental, & emotional growth?"

Finally, this course is designed to help you cultivate a wholehearted, nourishing, and sacred relationship with yourself through the One who created you! It is about transforming the way we understand and view love and how we can express that love for God and ourselves in a way that can empower our spiritual, mental, & emotional growth and wellness!

Through this Course, You Will: 

  • Understand Self-Love through an Islamic Psychological Lens

  • How to Practice Self-Love in a way that is inline with God and His Truths.

  • Understand Who You Are and Your Psycho-Spiritual Design Through an Islamic Psychological Lens!

  • Prioritize the Nourishment of Your Heart through Dr. Marwa's Heart Over Mind & Ego (H.O.M.E) Approach to Psycho-Spiritual Wellness

  • Engage in exercises that will help you connect more deeply to God and yourself

  • Re-shape the Way You View Love and Experience God's Love

  • Transform the Way You View your Relationship with Yourself & Your Creator

  • Understand How Your Relationship with Yourself can be a Means to a More Fulfilling Relationship with God and Others!

  • Gain the Empowerment You Need to Strive Towards Your Potential and Maximize What God has Given You.

  • Gain the tools that Will empower your Spiritual, Mental, & Emotional Well-Being

This 2 day onsite workshop is an interactive experience that includes lectures, discussions, exercises, a guided meditation, and a course workbook that is provided to the students and utilized throughout the course.



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What Past Students Have Said: 

"What I didn’t realize is that that only through this sacred self-love could I overcome the spiritual barriers and obstacles that were preventing me from progressing unto Him (God).  It was Dr. Marwa Assar who helped me synthesize the connection between the two at her “Sacred Self-Love” workshop and it was she who provided me the missing link or key I felt was so vitally needed for my spiritual growth. She offered me hope and made me really feel that hope of Allah’s (God's) acceptance was near when I felt that hope was too distant and too far from reach. She taught me the relationship between the heart, mind and ego, how each one served an important role and how each was created within us with a great purpose and wisdom. And she taught me how to lead from the heart and how to make the mind and ego followers rather than leaders, such that each served its proper role and occupied its proper place.  Dr. Assar accepted me into her workshop at a time that I felt heavy-hearted and like I had hit rock-bottom. And by the end of the workshop I felt light-hearted and felt that she had inspired me with hope – hope of Allah’s acceptance, mercy, forgiveness, compassion and love with a new set of tools I could utilize to draw nearer unto to Him." 

—  Milad

Video Testimonials:

Bill's Experience

Ali's Experience

Amaney's Experience

Experience Knowledge, Exercises, and a Guided Meditation Designed to Fill & Nourish Your Heart! 

A Word From the Instructor: 


Asalamu Alaikum & Peace Be Upon You!


This is Dr. Marwa here! Welcome to my Sacred Self-Love course, a psycho-spiritual course that I developed after many years of navigating this subject of self-love through an Islamic psychological lens!


For several years, I researched and explored how to navigate our relationship with ourselves in a way that is pleasing to God and in a way that serves our soul. This journey started many years ago when I recognized that there was a missing link between the way we discussed our relationship with ourselves and our relationship with God.  I knew in my heart these two core relationships were connected, but I found that this connection was hardly discussed in our Islamic classes and community spaces, or it was often taught in a very limiting way, in a way that was not holistic in addressing our spiritual, mental, and emotional wellness! At the same time, I found through my extensive research on the subject, that the available resources on self-love in the Western Self-help and Psychology field were not always in service of promoting our spiritual growth and our relationship with God. 


More importantly, I found that there were many harms to us not linking and connecting these two vital relationships: our relationship with ourselves and our relationship with God. Through my work as a therapist and educator, I found that the disconnect we have with ourselves and our struggles to have a relationship with ourselves that is connected to our relationship with God, leads to many spiritual, mental, & emotional challenges. And these challenges impact every other relationship we have: with God, our loved ones, and our fellow brothers and sisters in our communities. 


With the help of God and His guidance, these findings and explorations led to the development of my Sacred Self-Love Course in which I have been teaching online and also as a 2 day Course & Workshop in various communities across the U.S! My heart is very much in this course, in its development, its progression, and in teaching it to others, for I have seen the impact that this knowledge and journey has had not only on my life but on the lives of students who brought their hearts to this course over the last few years as well, alhamdulilah! And I am excited to continue sharing it with all of you! 

Hope you bring your heart  and join me as we transform this very sacred  relationship with ourselves, a relationship that impacts every other area in our lives!

Join the Sacred Self-Love Revolution! 

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