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Psycho-spiritual Education, Empowerment & Support through an Islamic Psychological Lens  

About Dr. Marwa

Dr. Marwa is the CEO & Founder of H.O.M.E. She is a psychologist, educator, & writer dedicated to providing psycho-spiritual education & empowerment through an Islamic Psychological lens. Dr. Marwa named H.O.M.E after her Heart Over Mind & Ego (H.O.M.E) approach to psycho-spiritual wellness.

"When our ego is king, we walk towards God only when it makes us feel good. 
When our mind is king, we walk towards God only as far as our mind comprehends. 
When our heart is king, we walk towards God in all conditions."

~ Dr. Marwa Assar

Student Testimonials


"Dr. Marwa's courses were enlightening and insightful as they provided important information about personal growth from both a modern psychology and traditional Islamic perspective - therefore combining the best of both worlds. I would recommend the courses for those looking to grow spiritually and emotionally"

~ R.E

"As Dr. Marwa says, it is a journey. For me personally, it was a journey that began with concepts and perspectives I had never before heard or understood. These connected me so quickly but so deeply with a faith that I knew was in my heart, felt was in my heart, but was clouded by my mind and disconnection from my heart. This, in turn, reconnected me to God in a way that was, again, so limited by my mind beyond my own awareness before. I am looking forward to the rest of this journey, and am forever grateful for this guidance."

~ Nicole

"Lots of ideas were introduced and built upon but, crucially, each course worked towards establishing a series of practical actions so that the ideas taught could actually be implemented in day-to-day life and worked upon to provide continual future spiritual benefit. Dr. Marwa was at hand throughout to resolve issues that arose and provided guidance and attention that made elements of the courses feel as it they had been designed just for me and my own condition."

~ Osman

"This is something every Muslim should access, not only for themselves but for their families too. It is a powerful piece of learning."

~ Shabana 


A Word from Dr. Marwa

Asalamu Alaikum & Peace Be Upon You! 

This is Dr. Marwa here and I want to welcome you to H.O.M.E! 

It is my prayer and hope that H.O.M.E becomes a haven for your psycho-spiritual wellness! Its name is inspired by my Heart Over Mind & Ego Approach to Psycho-Spiritual Wellness and its vision and spirit is inspired by the light house.

I've always had a thing for light houses. And it's because my heart loves anything that is a haven for souls on this earth and a space for hearts to feel safe, nourished, and at home.

Lighthouses are havens for souls. They provide relief for the traveler. They provide hope to those whose journey have been difficult. They are a refuge and support for those who need a rest from the unrelenting waves of the ocean. They help light the way. They provide a sense of home.

I believe Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was a light house. He was a haven for all those who were lost and distressed. He was a light amongst the darkness. He always provided hope when those around him thought there was no end in sight. He was always a place of refuge.

I have always been in awe of the prophetic traits that a light house embodies, and it is my love for creating havens on this earth for the hearts of others that inspires my work and what I hope and pray God allows me to offer others through H.O.M.E. 

And I pray and hope deep in my soul, that H.O.M.E can embody the prophetic trait of being a haven for others, and one that nourishes hearts, and empowers our spiritual, mental & emotional growth!


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