A Psycho-Spiritual Retreat Program


April 2nd - April 11th, 2020

Realign Yourself Spiritually, Mentally, & Emotionally with God's Truths

in the 2 Most Sacred Cities in the World! 


Time to Prioritize, Nourish, & Reset Your Heart!


Make 2020 a Transformative Year & Get Your Heart Ready for Your Best Ramadan! 

Program Developed & Taught by: 

 with Dr. Marwa Assar, PsyD

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Come Back Home to Yourself in the Sacred Places that  Feel Like Home!

A Heart-Centered Psycho-Spiritual Educational Program

Designed Through an Islamic Psychological Lens!


  • Engage in Classes & Transformative Exercises Designed to Renew the Lens In which Your Heart Views & Interacts with God, Yourself, & Your Acts of Worship!​


  • Guided Tours in Both Madinah & Makkah! 

  • Manasik (Rulings) of Umrah Session with a Qualified Islamic Scholar to Fully Understand the Rulings of Umrah and How to Prepare Accordingly!



 (Must Apply & Receive Approval! See Application Process Below!) 

Open to All Adults (Men & Women, 18 +) 

Group will be Accompanied  by Program Manager 

Program Overview 

This is a heart-centered program designed to help prioritize the nourishment of your heart as you learn the knowledge and tools that will help you grow spiritually, mentally, & emotionally! It is designed to help you implement what you are learning so that you can walk away with a fuller heart and not just a mind that is full. 

In this program, you will learn the knowledge and tools that will help you: 

  • Renew the Lens In which Your Heart Views & Interacts with God, Yourself, Your Acts of Worship, and your Blessings and Tests in this World! ​

  • Learn the Meaning of Living Truthfully as Muslims, the Importance of Authenticity, and how to Realign Ourselves with God's Truths! 

  • Learn about Dr. Marwa's Heart Over Mind & Ego (H.O.M.E) Approach to Psycho-Spiritual Wellness, and how Leading from the Heart can Promote our Spiritual, Mental, and Emotional health! 

  • Understand a Psychological View of "Fitrah"  and Its Importance!

  • Learn about the Psychological Benefits of Key acts of Worship that God has Prescribed For us and Learn how to Approach them on a Whole New Level!

  • Connect to the Mental, Emotional, & Spiritual Benefits of Being in Madinah & Makkah!

  • Learn and Connect to the Psychological & Spiritual Benefits  of Completing Umrah!

  • Learn and Engage with Tools that Help Promote Better Spiritual, Mental, & Emotional Health! 

Daily Psycho-Spiritual Classes  (in Madinah)

with Dr. Marwa to Provide You with Knowledge & Tools through an Islamic Psychological Lens! 

Receive the "Fitrah Reset" Guide & Workbook Designed to Guide You Along the Program and Give You the Tools You Need to Implement What You Are Learning! 

Engage in Transformative Exercises Designed to Help Your Heart Experience & Implement What Your Mind is Absorbing!

Enjoy Madinah as you Take in this Blessed City and Gain the Benefits of Being Near the Prophet (Pbuh) , ALL While doing the Inner Work that Matters! 

Learn about the Psychological Benefits of  Umrah with Dr. Marwa, Attend a Manasik (Rulings) of Umrah  Session with Islamic Scholar, & Complete Umrah! 

Program Itinerary 

(8 nights)

Departure :

Thursday, April 2nd to Saturday April 11th, 2020!


Enjoy the tranquility of Madinah and the opportunity of 5 daily prayers in Al Masjid Al Nabawi.

Daily classes in Madinah - Psycho-Spiritual Classes with Dr. Marwa 

Other activities in Madinah: 

  • Guided Tours/ Mazarat (historical sightseeing in Madinah)

  • Manasik of Umrah/ Umrah Prep Session with Quallified Islamic Teacher in Madinah


Enjoy the convenience and opportunity of having 5 daily prayers in Al Masjid Al Haram.

Mazarat (historical sightseeing in Makkah (in the AM) & Free time in the evening

Other Activities in Makkah:

Students will be engaging in Program Exercises in Makkah

Travel Accommodations & Package Prices

Round trips from JFK with Egypt Air



Luxury private ground transportations
Visa processing
Accompany by program manager & 24 hours assistance
Guided historical sightseeing in Madinah & Makkah
Daily Classes (in Madinah)
Step by step guidance throughout the process

Ihram for brother and praying rug for sister
Drawstring backpack 
Zamzam water


5 Stars hotels right in front of both Harams

Daily International open breakfast buffet



 Early Bird Prices End February 7th!

Quad Room (4 people in a room)


Triple Room (3 people in a room): 


Double Room (2 people in a room): 



Please follow application guidelines below! 


This is a Heart-Centered Retreat for Those Who are Serious about Having a Transformative Experience! Therefore, to Ensure the Quality & Nourishment of the Program, There are Very Limited Seats & Applications Will Be Reviewed Prior to Approval!

All applications are confidentially reviewed and approved applications will be notified as soon as possible!

***Travel & Logistics Provided By Dar El Salam

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